GPRS connection and slow idle mode


Hi All,
I am trying to get a previous design that was using a GM47 erricson module to use the Q2686. My only problem now is the current consumption.

I require that the modem should be able to receive GPRS UDP packets all the time. that is ok but my overall current is much higher that the GM47.
I have tried the W32K=1 command and using the DTR line (with = DTR set to go to AT command mode) but the current does not reduce.

If I am not connected to GPRS then the current does reduce to levels I would like - but obvisously I have lost my GPRS connection which is not acceptable.

I am using the Q2686 without Open AT, and have an external microprocessor conntrolling it via UART1.

hope someone can help me out by answering if what I am trying to do is possible.

Peter Mcalpine