Q2686 connect response time


Hello all,

I am using Q2686 module to established a CSD data call.
When I dial a data number from one module it takes near about 12 to 14 seconds to get connect 9600 response.
Can you please tell me why it requires so much time to get connect reponse.
Or what are other settings to get connect response immediately.



12-14s sounds pretty good to me!

How long does it take a normal PSTN modem to connect?

How long does it take a voice call to connect?

I think you’ll find they’re in the same ballpark…


Hello awneil,

Thanks for your reply.

During testting what I found that when I initiate a data call from wavecom module ( q2686) and at receiver end I have connected mobile having data enabled sim card connected to pc using serial port, the receiver end gives CONNECT 9600 response immediately means within 1 sec. but wavecom module takes much time to near about 12 to 14 sec.

I also found that if i tried data call using two mobile of i.e. at transmitter and receiver side, I got connect 9600 response within 2 to 3 sec on both side. It saves lot of connection time and improves battery life too.

So if this is possible if mobile used as a modem than can wavecom module not work like this?.
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maybe it is that the mobile already maintains a connection to the network whereas the q2686 module needs to establish a connection?


Hello Madouc,

How can mobile maintains the connection and not wavecom module. And again how can we maintain the connection.
Is this possible that mobile having facility to maintain connection and not in wavecom module.



We are encountering different problems with CSD every time the new OS appears. So you can experiment with different OS (6.63d seems pretty stable), different settings. CSD behaviour depends on AT commands such as AT+CBST (we use AT+CBST=71,0,1), AT+WBHV (we use AT+WBHV=7,1). Module should have WIPSoft disabled and erased! And also both sides of CSD call must have the same transparency for a call (can be defined with AT+CBST). We use non transparent call for both sides.