FXT009 DHCP setup?

Sorry for my noobness on this issue, but i have been supplied with a data logger that is supposed to talk to a server via a GPRS modem.

The modem we are using is the FXT009 and the data logger requies a DHCP server to connect/communicate to.
The data logger operates and communicates fine if it is plugged straight into a router with a hard line to the internet, but does not work when plugged into the FXT009.
The modem reports sufficient signal strength and that it is registered to the network.

Is it possible to set up a DHCP server on the FXT009? if so a pointer in the right direction would be very useful…



There is a gateway sample application available in OASIS 2.35 under WIP.This Gateway provides DHCP server and DNS Proxy services.

How is it supposed to do that?

Were you not also supplied with the necessary documentation/instructions?

You must purchase the Fastrack with the Ethernet card. We have a software package called ClearComm that already has the DHCP support. (clearconnex.com/content/clearcomm)

Here is the link of all the Sierra Wireless products ClearComm runs on and the distributors from whom you can buy Sierra Wireless based products with ClearComm already loaded:
clearconnex.com/content/clea … -solutions