FXT009 Forwarding TCP connection

First, hello to all forum members!

I’m testing the FXT009 with ethernet card. Tested some samples from WIP package and managed to get them working.
Now I’m dealing with one thing that is crucial for this modem to fit into my application.
I need to forward TCP connection from GPRS to ethernet side. To a machine with known, fixed ip address and fixed TCP port.
I worked with other GPRS routers, so I know that the GPRS part (registration, permissions for establishing connections,…) is working fine.

I searched through the forum, but still not found the answer. I was trying with “wip_ipFwdEntryAdd” but with no success.
Has anyone succeded to do this?

Thank You for Your help!
Best regards, Edvard

We have a software package that can do this for you called ClearComm.

Here is the link of all the Sierra Wireless products it runs on and the distributors from whom you can buy Sierra Wireless based products with ClearComm already loaded:
clearconnex.com/content/clea … -solutions