FX30 LTE-M - MAC Address change at each reboot

On the FX30 LTE the MAC address of eth0 change at each reboot (like the FX30 3G). However, it seem that the LTE internal Ethernet driver or hardware chip doesn’t support a fixed mac address set in the /etc/network/interface file (via hw address) which is supported by the 3G.
I get this error:
ifconfig: SIOCSIFHWADDR: Device or resource busy

Is it exist any way to set the MAC Address on the LTE?


Hi @g.amaudric

To configure the MAC address to a static address use targetToolsSetNet. This will set the MAC to address to the current address:

ssh to FX30 LTE-M: 
# ssh root@
# setNet macfixed
# ifconfig                      # check that the MAC address and IP address are set
# legato restart                # reboots the target device

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Hi Donald,

Thank you it work like a charm!