FX100 R7.53 - long power-up start-up delay

I am using FX100 with R7.53

R7.53.0.201502160745.FX100 1825268 021615 07:45

I am experiencing about a 4 minute 10 second delay after power-on until I receive +WIND:4

  • this means “the product is ready to process all AT commands, end of phonebook init or swap (FDN to ADN)”

Is this normal with FX100 with 7.53 firmware and is there any way to shorten it or any plan to improve this in future firmware?

I am actually normally running my own ADL program and when it is running it is experiencing a similar 4 minute 10 second power-up start-up delay to the reception of ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT event so I believe this event is mapped from +WIND:4

I have previously used FXT002 and FXT009 and the power-up start-up delays were approximately 15 - 30 seconds.

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The fxt100 (q2698) is signifigantly slower to boot than the fxt009 (q2686) due to internal hardware differences. Although, 4 minutes is a little extreme. I’m seeing 30-60 seconds with the Q2698.

Have (can) you try a different sim? Or maybe a sim on a different network? It sounds like the sim is taking a long time to be ready.

Ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your suggestion - problem solved. :smiley:

I was using an older Telstra NextG SIM.

Using your suggestion, I tried with a newer Vodaphone SIM and start-up delay becomes a more acceptable 45 seconds.

I have to get an updated Telstra SIM.

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You might also want to look at the “SIMSPEEDENH” (SIM speed enhancement feature) option in AT+WFM