[SL8082T] Startup timings

I may evaluate SL8082(B)T in a close future.
Before I order the development kit I would like to know a little more about its boot timings.

Does anyone could tell me, from your experience :

  1. How long does it takes to respond to the first AT command after power up ?
  2. How long (typicaly) to be registred on the network ? (AT+CREG?)

I know it depends of a lot of factors. I would be pleased with rough values in “typical” situation (operator available, good signal, etc.)

With Q2698 (Fw752) I’ve experienced 15 seconds before first AT command, which is unacceptable in my configuration…

Thanks !

Start-up timings calculated by my colleague. First one is for SL8 on Firmware 7.52, 2nd for Q2698 on Firmware 7.52.0.A1. All measurements are in controlled environment (CMU + test SIM) and not live network.

WIND: 3 - 8.74s, 10.1s
OAT app start - 8.74s, 10.1s
WIND: 7 - 8.91s, 11.03s
CREG: 1 - 30.11s, 42.13s
WIND: 4 - 47.14s, 51.1s