HL7802 reboot time

I am looking for a clarification of reboot time on HL7802.
In the document “AirPrime HL78xx Product Technical Specification (41113770 Rev. 4)”, the delay between boot (or software reset) and AT-ready state is up to 10 seconds. I am using command AT+CFUN=1,1 to reboot the device. This command has 30-second timeout. What is the maximum combined time between receiving AT+CFUN=1,1 on the serial line and AT-ready state? I assume that the 10-second period after reboot does not contain the time to actually process the reboot command. I am interested in these times for firmware (latest).
Thank you

you can do a benchmark testing on this by enable power- on notification:

I can but will this then apply for any HL7802 module with the same firmware? I am looking for a worst-case scenario so I can put appropriate timeout to production software. Basically a value Sierra can guarantee not to be exceeded.

I think your benchmark result can apply to it