SL6087 slow to connect to GSM network

I’ve noticed that upon powering up the module or starting an application I’ve coded and downloaded to it the SL6087 takes a number of minutes (~3 ) to connect to my GSM network carrier. The console displays: WIND 4, then there is a long wait, and then WIND 7 and after that my module is connected to the network.

Have other people seen this kind of delay before? Is this WIND waiting part of an autoconnect feature that runs on the module automatically? Is there a way to force a connection sooner by issuing a specific command?



Generally on powering up,module gets autoconnected to GSM network after few seconds(+WIND :1,+WIND :7,+WIND :4).
If it is taking longer time(few minutes),it could be bacause of weak signals.

Using +COPS command,module can be connected to the network.Refer to the AT command guide for more details.


How can I tell if it is a weak signal? When the module does finally connect, it has a strong signal in terms of the ‘quality’ and ‘strength bar’ rating of the Discovery Tool. Is that thing not accurate? The COPS command doesn’t speed up the connection process right, it just forces the connection to be attempted (which ours is doing upon startup so it seems like the command won’t help us), right?

Do you get the same behaviour if you put the SIM in another device :question:

no, I do not. The SL8090 connects within seconds of being turned on.

Once registered on the network, is everything else fine :question:

Yeah - once connected everything I’ve tried works fine which includes text messages as well as the data connection (issuing an http post to a REST web service).