different SIM card initialization speeds

Hello community,

I am using Q651 firmware on module Q2501.

after a lot of development I have a new issue, my operator doesn’t deliver me anymore the good old 64kbyte SIM cards.
Now I have 72 kbyte SIMs and I have an awful latency in receiving the +WIND:4 synchronization message.

It takes 30 secs to receive the +WIND: 4 message instead of 5 secs as usually after the +CREG: 1 indication.

Does anyone have experience in this problem of acceptance between SIM chips and Wavecom Firmware?

Thanks in advance,



Yes, I have seen exactly this problem!

As you say, it’s to do with the capacity of the SIM - it’s not a “fault” of Wavecom’s firmware (I actually saw it on a Sony-Ericsson module).

If you can’t get your SIM supplier to supply the “smaller” SIMs (or maybe a quicker version of the “larger” SIMs), you are, unfortunately, stuck with it. :frowning:

Hi All,

The new Q24Plus modules appear to be lightning quick to do “ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT” which is fantastic, but it only seems to work on the older “32K” SIMs that are no longer supplied by Vodafone NZ. Vodafone NZ now only supplies “3G” 128K SIMs, and these have a roughly 30 second latency before ADL_SIM_EVENT_FULL_INIT is acheived - the difference is light years apart!

Can anyone explain what the FULL init us actually doing? I presume a full scan of all SIM memory. Why is a Full init required before GPRS can be attached to?

I don’t think this is an operator issue - there is no network interaction during SIM full init?

Can wavecom or anyone who has contact with wavecom comment on a work-around or if a patch is forthcoming?

This is issue seriously detracts from the useability of their platforms since it introduces an unnecessary 30s delay before the modem can even attach to GPRS.


Hi jedd !

Depending on your needs, you can shorten the SIM initialisation by avoiding phonebook init.

See AT_Commands_Interface_Guide document, “AT+WAIP” command (AT+WAIP=1 at modem start to avoid phonebook init)

Hi colin !

did you try this WAIP command and did you succeed ?

I remember having tried it once but this was only an illusion.

Have you observed a real shortening of the delay to obtain the famous +WIND: 4 message ?



Hi stephan !

Yes, using this command on a Q2501B, there was a big difference…

I dont exactly remember, but the full_init_state was reach about twice quicker as normal (from 40sec to 20sec).

But maybe the gain depend on the SIM card type and on the phonebook’s content…

Hi Colin!

WAIP=1 has cut the init time to around 1/3 of what it was…that’s fantastic. Thanks for your help!


Well guys,

what you write seems interesting. I will make the comparison once again, but this time with several different types of SIM cards.

but i suspect that this command is efficient on some type of cards only and most probably the main SIM type I use isn’t concerned by the WAIP command.

I will post results next week.



Have you looked at the “SIM speed enhancement” feature?

This can be enabled/disabled with AT+WFM

See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … hlight=wfm