Sim Card problem width 2687

Hy everyone

I have some mistic problem width q2687 and simcard . I use the 2687 for a long time and i look
a mistic problem .

Some times when the module start not communicate widt the sim card . In these fact the simcard
from the open at not able to initilized .

My development have a periodikal function the module weakup and start connection abaout 20 time
on a day . And from the 20 time abaout 3 - 4 time the module not found the sim card .
But not send any error .

Any one have same problem ever ?

If it didn’t “send any error”, how do you know that it didn’t “find” the SIM card?

Remember that a SIM card takes a certain amount of time to initialise, and that time can vary - especially between different SIM cards!
Are you sure that your application is not attempting to use the SIM before it is ready?

I wait for the sucessfull event , but not arrived . And if these happen if stop the openat software
and send manualli the at+cpin and i get ERROR . Meyba the sim card not reacheable . The open at
adl_simsubscribe not send any error event.

I have the same problem.

I use the AT commands set to drive my Q2687 on the UART and sometimes the SIM is not detected.
In this case, the “AT+CPIN?” response is “+CME ERROR: 10” (meaning SIM not inserted).

Then when I reset power supply, the response is OK, SIM card is detected.

I haven’t find yet a way to solve this problem by an AT command.

Any suggestion to help me would be apreciated.


Maybe there’s a fault and/or a design error in your SIM interface?
Maybe the SIM itself is faulty?

None of these would be correctable by AT commands!

Had similar problems using another modem. Our problem was a big power supply voltage dip on initialization. YMMV


Hi there

I am using a Q2687, it had firmware version 663 on it. The modem sent back the wind indicators +wind:0 and +wind:12,0 which means that sim presence pin detected a sim removed and the latter meaning an interruption has occurred on start up

I have since upgraded this firmware to 72_00g and now the modem does send any wind indications on startup. The sim card is in place and if used on another modem works fine and I think everything is OK. What am I doing wrong.



I assume you mean that the modem now does not send any WIND indications?

Have you checked that the WIND indications are still enabled?

The default is that all indications are disabled - maybe your modem has reverted to the default after the firmware update…?


I cannot find any supporting documentation to enable the wind indications. I issue the command at+wind =1 and when i issue the command at+wind?, the modem returns the wind indication +wind:1. I have issued the at command at+wopen=1 but the wind indicators are not coming through. Do you have a reference perhaps of where I can find the correct way of enabling the wind indications.

By the way, why was the modem only giving me the indication +wind:0 and +wind13,0 when I was using the firmware version 663? The sim card and all of the other things were good.


It’s in the AT Commands Manual, “AT Commands Interface Guide for Open-AT Firmware vX.X” (where X.X is the appropriate version number)

You really are lost if you don’t have this document to hand! :astonished: :open_mouth:

Hi there

I have found the documentation in the SDK. I will have a look at it and inform you of the outcome.



Each time I issue the command at+wind=? the reply from the bad modem is :+WIND: (0-32767)

The good modem when issued with the same command replies with +WIND:32767. What does this mean?

I have found that AT+WIND=63 is used to Ask the modem to display the general indications . I have since issued this command and now when I reset the modem is sends the reply +wind: 3,+wind:1,+wind:4.One step forward at least, also the modem seems to want you to issue the command at +wind = 32767 for it to give me similar wind replies as the modem I say is good. It sends all the wind indicators that I want now but the reply to at+wind=? still goes back to +wind:(0-32767)
what does this mean

Tks a lot