SIM initialization failure

Hi everybody!

I have a problem with SIM, because I have 4 SIM’s from 3 different provider: 2 works fine, but 2 does not work (SIM is not present: “CME ERROR: 10”).
All SIM’s is 3V as I know.
I have switched off the SIM speed enhancements (AT+WFM=0,B), but it does not help.

Can somebody help me?

Regarding the 2 which are not working, do they come from the same operator ?
If yes, have you tried to discuss with the operator ?

No. I have 1 from Pannon, it is working; 1 from Vodafone, it is not working; 2 from T-Mobile, 1 is working and 1 not. All operator is hungarian, because I am in Hungary :slight_smile:

Yes, I have tried discuss with Vodafone, but they can’t help me, only they give info for the SIM voltage level: 3V.

These card works fine in another phone (e.g. Sony Ericsson T610), and the Q24 error code describes the SIM failure, so I think it is only a parameter setup problem in Q24.
But I don’t know which parameter is wrong.

How did you connect the SIM card? Is it on your own PCB design or do you use the Wavcom Starter Kit? I know that the SIM interface is very sensitive to capacities etc. on the lines. If you haven’t tried, you should try the Wavecom Development Board…

Best Regards,

I agree. First, try it on the development kit…