Sim not detect on wavecom Q24?


Hello! i have a wavecom module q24plus it not dectect sim( pin 1=0v), any body explain to me the method detect sim of wavecom q24 plus. my sim holder is 6pin kind. Thank!


hi, i have fix my q24 module, i don’t remember set simpress pin (PIN50) this pin make signal to detect sim card :laughing:
Thank Mr. Thong for help me fix this error.

After i fix this error , i have a new error, i want to use WIP soft on module q24 plus but when i use AT+WDWL -> send file with 1k Xmodem protocol, i have a message :

AFeXbXZþª+ë2ølvPGOã'K¡†ÔÔjp²D4´¡%ƒEˆÌç@†¯mºƒ¹vw+çoÜÛÊ   ÅåA;LÆâF„64µ5í¿1

aËp~D@u䭏Q@5Õ3P%úà—––{P)‹G±ÂÇ    .¥D Z¢•@W'.…²•1ÊÊáÇe„‚ ßa }́ÛwÝqç—U
Áú¼q½·ñî]{šö§)¼ñ"_¿Àî» Ú –ßÍû¾È1BbÖ ÖÆqÜ€¦qWaì@”£Ë÷Š¯Ö/{:¬Æ†À*åÐA0

is it file not use for WIPSOFT? any body have WIPSOFT V3.12 please send to me ? thanks



I am using Q24Plus optional sim holder, and i tied sim_press to 2.8V according to product technical specification. But i received sim absent message when sending sms “+CMS ERROR: 310”.
I don’t know what is the reason!! Anybody has any experience about this!? Let me know your opinion about this problem.


Hi hamed,

Was your SIM-card in place when Q24 reset?
Send AT+CPIN and check reply.

Also check setting of AT+WFM “SIMREMOVE” and refer to 3.1 in AT-guide.

Good luck:



Hi bdeb

Thank u for ur reply, but the problem is not about software settings because my Q24 works on an evaluation board. But on its own pcb it replies +CME ERROR: 10 for at+cpin? and when i try to send sms i receive +CMS ERROR: 310 that presents “sim absent”. I thought it is for sim_press that i didn’t tie to 2V8 but after connecting this pin to 2V8 i received sim absent message again. I have 2 eval. board and on one of them the module works well and on the next one previously it was working. But now the same message received from module on the second board like on my pcb. There is no changing from the beginning on the second eval. board. Just i soldiered 2 wrap wires and departed them later.