for Meter reading

Does anyone has experience in setup Fastrack Supreme 10 for electronic meter reading?

I use 2 GPRS modems. One modem is located on the server side named: TMAS GSM/GPRS (M39i-GPRS 10) and the other is located on the meter side named: Fastrack Supreme 10. The main duty of the server is to collect data of the meter (i.e. data energy, voltage, current). The connection between Fastrack and the meter is serial RS232.

So far, I have managed to setup both modems connect to GPRS network (on the same APN). Each modem will get IP address dynamically.
on the meter side:
+wipbr = 6, 15, “”
on the server side:
cmd > ipconfig /all > IP:

For data communication between meter and server, should I create a particular channel for TCP/UDP on the meter side?
for instance: AT+wipcreate: 2,1,“”, “2010”. so, The server ( can get meter’s data via TCP/UDP channel.

I really appreciate any comments :slight_smile:

I have been playing a bit in Advanced Metering world. It seems you set up the communications between the server and the meter using TCP/UDP. I don’t believe you need to setp a specific chanel on meter side.
I would suggest you test the communication using ping command. Then, make sure your modem baud rate match with the Meter baud rate (9600 is the most common).

Give it a go like this, and keep us update