FASTRACK SUPREME Automatic start

I have a GPRS data connection between 2 ‘FASTRACK supreme 10’ units.
Both are configured by a PC through the serial port.
“Server” with the AT+ Commands: AT+WOPEN=1, AT+WIPCFG=1, AT+WIPBR=1,6, AT+WIPBR=2,6,11,“internet”, AT+WIPBR=4,6,0, AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,80,5,8, AT+WIPDATA=2,5,1
And “Client” with : …… , AT+WIPDATA=2,5,1, AT+WIPDATA=2,1,1 .
It runs OK and data transfers from side to side beautifully.

Both units should be located outside, in the filed.
Is there any way to save the configuration in the unit’s memory (FLASH or EEPRON)?
So if a RESET (HARD RESET) happens, the configuration will execute automatic, with out the need to do it through the serial port
Thanks for your reply.


Did anyone have an answer for the Auto start question? I’m looking at doing the same. I am guessing I will need to do some OpenAT coding. It would be nice to have an uptodate example if anyone has one.

I use WIPDATA=2,5,2 to get the Transparent mode and avoid problems…