ES450 cannot locally access with pc


Just got one and while checking out settings I lost comms with the ES450. I manually reset via front panel but now I still cannot access . The Network light is green but every 2-3 seconds it blinks off.

During manual reset (holding 30 secs) the front lights will turn all red and flash constantly. I have to hit the reset button again or cycle power to clear.

Hoping I’m missing something and didn’t brick a new gateway

Thanks in advance for any assistance


Was able to re-boot while led’s were flashing red. Guess I should read the user guide first next time :slight_smile:

All set and can either delete or mark as solved thx


Spoke too soon. While I could get in and do a reboot via pc, I’m back to original problem. I thought about updating/re-installing firmware as I can from that screen but the one I found for mine: … _55581.iso

comes back with an error “Dryrun software update failed. Aborting… Check failed. Could not find signature in the package”

I am using an ES450 configured for Verizon, so not sure what I’m doing wrong here.