ES450 cannot locally access with pc

Just got one and while checking out settings I lost comms with the ES450. I manually reset via front panel but now I still cannot access . The Network light is green but every 2-3 seconds it blinks off.

During manual reset (holding 30 secs) the front lights will turn all red and flash constantly. I have to hit the reset button again or cycle power to clear.

Hoping I’m missing something and didn’t brick a new gateway

Thanks in advance for any assistance

Was able to re-boot while led’s were flashing red. Guess I should read the user guide first next time :slight_smile:

All set and can either delete or mark as solved thx

Spoke too soon. While I could get in and do a reboot via pc, I’m back to original problem. I thought about updating/re-installing firmware as I can from that screen but the one I found for mine: … _55581.iso

comes back with an error “Dryrun software update failed. Aborting… Check failed. Could not find signature in the package”

I am using an ES450 configured for Verizon, so not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

Please i have the same issue , after reset my es450, i am not able get any response (ping and http are not working at all)
please I need help

Did you manage to get anywhere with this? I seem to have the same issue.


Please try these steps below to recovery it:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the gateway to your computer. (Recovery mode is not supported on USBnet.)
  2. Power on the AirLink gateway.
  3. On the gateway, press the Reset button for more than 20 seconds. (Release the button when the Power LED flashes amber.)
  4. Launch your browser and enter the IP address and port number
    The “Upload package” screen appears:
  5. Click Choose File and navigate to the appropriate ALEOS software version for your gateway.
  6. Click Update.
    The screen lets you know that the update was successful and automatically reboots the gateway.
    When the reboot is complete, the gateway exits Recovery mode, and the ACEmanager

Login screen appears.