ES450 All LEDs Solid Green

We have an ES450 device that has been in the field for some time that suddenly locked up on us. It now shows All LEDs solid green. Nothing that we tried seems to take it out of this state. The LEDs will briefly show all 4 Red if the reset button is held in for 20+ seconds but as soon as the button is released the LEDs return to solid green. I reviewed the LED Behavior chart in the ES Hardware User guide r6, which I believe is the latest version, and there is no record for what All LEDs Solid Green means.

This device is running ALEOS and has been out of warranty since 11/15/2021. Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

Hi Matt.Pickney,

Could you try updating the ES450 to the latest firmware version and retry?
AirLink ES450 Firmware Packages