ES450 - ACE Manager not starting up

Hello everyone,

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We’ve recently bought ES450 Airlink router as a fallback for our Lantronix. I’m trying to set some initial configuration however I am not able to connect to the ACE Manager via web. I’m connected through ethernet cable and I’ve set the proper address on my laptop ( subnet). However the is not responding. I can ping the device and access (which says Not found). I am able to enter the recovery mode and fetch the logs if that could help.

Appreciate any help on this

Hi RaV,

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Please share with me the screenshot of the ping result (ping
You can try logging into the ES450 by

Hello Donald,

Thanks for the reply.
I am able to ping and access by the you’ve provided. Thank you.


I’ve set the LTE connection and it seems to be working but the Network indicator is flashing Red/Amber so I don’t know if that’s the correct behavior

Hi RaV,

The Network indicator flashing Red/Amber means the gateway is unable to locate the required radio module firmware. You must upgrade the radio module firmware for the gateway.