Errors while getting started with Q2687 CPU

Hi All,

   I am new to open AT and wavecom CPU. Any suggestions are most appecriated

   I am using Q2687 CPU. For this i  Installed "OpenATSoftwareSuite2.31FullInstaller.exe"

   Here  I  am facing 2 problems.   

   1.   The green LED which is connected to GSM status is not blinking. (where as In Q24 series it is blinking)

   2.   While sending sms at commands to Q2687 CPU using Hyper terminal,
         at+cmgs="xxxxxxxxx"  Enter key press, it is showing below message.

     kindly suggest what might be the reason for above.

    3.   Any documents for getting started with Q2687  for windows based,
           I.    OS Installation
           2.   Building sample project
           3.   How to transfer .dwl to file to taget board

   Thanks In advance

You can get the required document for Q2687 on Sierra Wireless website.
Furhter for downloading a .dwl file onto the target you can use a hyperterminal.
1)Issue AT+WDWL
2)Use the tab called Transfer.
3)Select Send file.
4)Select the protocol 1k X modem.
5)Provide the path for the dwl file you want to download.

Regarding the SMS problem,provide AT+CMEE=1;&W command before sending SMS.This will let you know what error exacly you are getting.

If registration LED is not blinking – you are not registered, hence sending SMS will fail.
Is SIM card inserted correctly and valid?