Sample application for Q2687

Hello Everyone,

I just started working with Q2687 board. I had set up the board and tried to send the AT commands from PC.It works. Now I want to run a sample application.

Could you please send me some application( automating SMS for e.g.)
Please send me the complete program (which can be run run directly after loading the firmware) as i do not have any background knowledge/experience.
Also note that i do not have any sample program in SDK because i did not get the kit directly from vendor.

Please respond!!

Thanks in advance,

That’s a big mistake, I’m afraid.
When embarking on any new development like this, you really need to ensure that you go to a reputable & competent supplier who will give you the support that you require.

What SDK do you have?
They should all include all the documentation and all the samples!

Thanks for the reply !

The board is not bought from any vendor but given temporarily to us for know-how building on openAT platform
I just downloaded the software suite and driver from Wavecom website since i only have the Q2687H development kit.
So, I thought of starting with it by running some sample program
Now, i need some help in this regard.

Who gave it to you?
You should ask them to give you a basic introduction, and show you how to get started…

The board was given by Sierra Wireless itself and also it is not easy to contact them right now for this help.
So, thought of beginning with a simple sample program.
Also, I am looking for some tutorial online

Actually i got the samples with the SDK…i was not aware of the location that time…
However, thnks