EM9191 FW Update and Calibration

Hello together,

I updated my EM9191 device from Firmware SWIX55C_01.07.19.00_GENERIC_016.010_002 to SWIX55C_03.04.03.00_GENERIC_030.012_000. Before that I was able to establish an TDD (n78) connection towards an AMARI callbox (cellular test device) but not to any FDD band. After the FW-Update an FDD connection could be established but in the end there was no data exchange through a performed iperf run. The formally easily to establish TDD connection was than no longer feasible.
Is there a necessity to ajust calibration data with each new firmware, or where can be the root causes of such behavior.
Every hint is welcome. :slight_smile:
Thank you all very much in advance.

Greetings Felix

have you checked AT!RFCOMBOS? or AT!BAND=? and see if this band is available?

the bands are available and the callbox is providing a 5G stand alone network with only one transmitted band (either band n5, n7 or n78).

from product technical specification, n78 should be TDD band

Have you tried some newer FW?

well with the old FW n78 TDD is working properly but with the newest available version on the web resources I can get an connection with band n7 FDD but no actual data traffic. A registration of the modem with band n78 was not possible with the newer FW

you mean you have tried “SWIX55C_03.09.06.00”?

Oh, I did not realize that there is already a version 03.09.06. Thanks for the hint.
But back to my second question. Is there anything regarding calibration when updating a modem. We got some feedback from a customer that this was sometimes necessary for older modems. Not necessarily from Sierra Wireless but also for other modem suppliers.

AT!BAND=? will show only the bands calibrated.

ok, thanks for your help :slight_smile:
I think that can help us with our customer communication.