EM9191 - n77 SA upper frequencies 3.8-4.2 GHz support

Does anyone have FW (or the version number for FW) for the EM9191 that is definitely tested / working in the band n77 SA upper frequencies 3.8-4.2 GHz ?

The motivation behind this question is that in the UK the regulator is promoting 3.8-4.2 GHz for use in 5G SA

There are suppliers of working base stations and also competitors 5G modems which support n77 SA upper band 3.8-4.2 GHz

For example base station supplier https://www.cablefree.net/

Thanks in advance


The EM919x (EM9190 and EM9190) support(s) band n77.
n77 SA is enabled in the current 03.xx.xx firmware. (It has also been tested on earlier firmware).

Thanks, Dave.
(Product Manager for EM919x)

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Hi Dave

Many thanks for responding to my post.

Our customers testing seems to suggest that - supports n78 SA ( is a sub band of n77 (lower band)) - does not support upper band n77 SA (Amari-Soft and CableFree) - will connect n77 lower and upper band using 100MHz SA mode (Amari-Soft)

Further customer testing of is not possible at this time using a CableFree basetation

@johnofleek - I assume you got the 03.09.x from your distributor?

We have received 03.06, and are recurrently asking for updated FW, but honestly, our assigned FAE from Sierra has been very unhelpful on several occasions in the past. He does not forward any information proactively, and takes weeks to answer any question (not even an “I am working on it” in several cases).

Hi @stefanbruens, I am sorry that you feel that your support could be better during your journey of integrating the EM919x. The reality is that it does fall on me to push information out to the FAEs. In this case, all of the firmware builds to which you and @johnofleek refer are pre-release builds normally pushed out in advance of releases for customer verification of targeted fixed. It will not be much longer before there is an official release and supporting documentation available.

Thanks, Dave.
(Product Manager - 5G)

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@ddixon - last week we got another “confirmation” no newer FW is available than 03.06.x.
I would have accepted something like “only released for specific scenarios”, or similar, but no, “not available”.

We are recurrently testing our routers in cooperation with labs from Deutsche Telekom, and in our own lab/RF chamber with R&S CMW/CMX500 based setups. We try to incorporate any changes in the AT and QMI interfaces as soon as possible. This should be reason enough to push any prereleases actively, but holding it back hurts everyone.

I have just verified 5G-SA only works with FW 03.06.x, not 03.04.y. Both tested in Deutsche Telekom network.

LTE anchor for NSA is B3, 5G-NR on n78.


Latest FW is now available on https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/em919x/em9-approved-fw-packages