EM9191 - no FDD connection with test equipment

Hello together,

we integrated an EM9191 in one of our products, delivering it with FW:, with PRI 030.038_000.
At the moment we are struggeling with PTCRB certification tests, because we cannot get the DUT connected to the respected callbox, providing an SA FDD network (either band n5, n7, n66 , …). Everything works properly for SA TDD connections (such as n78). According to the modem, all bands are activated and supported. No specific configuration was used or changed. The same FDD band frequencies can be used without problem within an LTE network, so there is not really an issue with antenna setup. Does one need a special PRI for this?

Index, Name
00, All bands

!SELRAT: 05, 5G Only

CA: 1
SA: 1

A comparible 5G modem from another supplier does not have any issues connecting to the establishe band n5 network.

Thank you very much in advance.
Felix Plank