EM9190 . EM9191 fw problem


I do have non working EM9190 - it is on Sierra Warranty but they told me it is “child device” (it is extracted from Cradlepoint R1900) and they refuse to generate RMA. Module stops working when carrier firmware was upgraded. I do belie module rejects firmware (no AT command is possible).

I’ve noticed module was shipped with EM9190_01.07.13.00.cwe version of firmware and I would like to download it and reload into the module.

It is not possible to find anymore except Cisco webpage (I do not have contract with Cisco to download it):


Can anyone share firmware 01.07.13 generic with me please?

Regards Chris

only have this one, see if it helps:


I do have - I would like to try the one with was delivered with module 01.07.13. This is my last hope for the EM9190.

Regards Chris

I don’t think you can downgrade the version as it might have different partition size


I was able to locate the firmware - firmware was loaded, but result is very same - modem is starting, it will present:

  • EM9190-CP
  • Sierra Wireless DM Port (Com3)
  • Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem
    in Windows (in linux it will present ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1)

the problem I have: no AT connection possible to any port (same in Windows as in Linux).

After that the module will reload several times and finish in QDL load mode where is ready for firmware upload. When module is in QDL mode I can connect to corresponding USB or ttyUSB port but per every button I press “0” is displayed on terminal - nothing else.

So FW downgrade (same as upgrade) did NOT resolve the problem I have - is there any way I can reset module to factory state (when no access to AT command is possible) w/o developer board - what is functionality of reset button on dev board -if reset button resets modem to factory state can I force the modem reset w/o having the dev board by shorting the/some connectors or by software (remember no At possible)?

I do have two usb->m2 boards - they are working with my other EM9190 module … but they do not have full functionality of official dev board.

How about at!rmareset command?

“the problem I have: no AT connection possible to any port (same in Windows as in Linux).”
“So FW downgrade (same as upgrade) did NOT resolve the problem I have”

How about using qmicli?

sudo qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-restore-factory-defaults=“000000”
error: couldn’t open the QmiDevice: Operation fimed out: device is closed

it looks like is not working too … - Every single qmicli command against /dev/cdc-wdm0 result is same

/dev/cdc-wdm0 is “visible” under /dev/ folder - until device is back in qdl mode

If any reset is possible it is hardware reset - via the button, but I think module is “dead duck”