EM9190 back to QDLoader


I was able to load firmwares and select current (–nsc was needed as after modem coming online phase “Failed to initialize CTRL service” message was displayed), but when modem restart procedure was completed first you can see all devices (no AT communication possible) but after that always revert back QDloader.

I do believe I may have problems in configuration - how to reset it to factory default w/o access to AT (ttyUSB0 not responding, putty on desired com port not responding too) - if I wait long enough it is available again for flashing tool alone (Windows or Linux).

How can I troubleshoot deeper?

Hi @filemoon,

Could you please take a look at the below question/concern and share your answers?

  1. Before proceeding with firmware download, have you installed the latest MBPL driver? If not, please install the latest MBPL driver at the following path: Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)
  2. Additionally, on your Windows machine, you also need to install the Windows driver in order to use the device.
  3. Are you using the Sierra board (EM9 Dev Kit) or a custom board? If possible, please use the Sierra board to check if the computer recognizes the device.
  4. Please try using a different USB cable. In some cases, the host may not detect the port due to a bad connection of the USB cable.


Hi, I was able to test it with different cables and different systems (Windows and Ubuntu) - driver installed/compiled, I was able to put my hands on different 9190 and it works on my “dev” board (I do not have real dev board, I’m aware I can do more magic with real dev board) and cables/drives, this is not the issue I believe.

Again - I can load single or multiple firmwares (with Windows or Ubuntu)- result is same - very same - “Failed to initialise CTRL service after modem is back online” firmware should be installed first if modem has older firmware to allow future compatibility with next FW generations - this was completed too.

I do not have more ideas - I do not think I will purchase read dev board for single card troubleshooting - another card is cheaper option.