MC7700 - lateset firmware?

Hello ,
I have this firmware on the modem -

I’m sure this is not the latest ,
I have download this from sierra website

but when I try to run it , he said “Fail to find device”
even that I can see him an the Discovery tool

so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks ,

Hi David,

There are two oneclick FW package, one for QMI mode and one for DIP mode.
Maybe the one you tried doesn’t match the USB mode of MC7700?
Please try the other oneclick package and see any difference.

If that doesn’t help, please try remove all the MC7xxx USB driver installed and update to the latest one.

Hope it helps.

I have found the problem
the modem was QMI and I try to install DIP

after I change it from QMI to DIP it works

Thanks ,