MC7710 only DM Port

Hi everybody,

I did a firmware upgrade (QMI) of my MC7710 on Windows 10 64 bit, and was able to use the card afterwards with LTE at good performance.

Unfortunately after reboot the modem disappeared and left me only with a Sierra Wireless DM Port, the Sierra Wireless Location Sensor and Sierra Wireless WWAN Device (a usb device) so I cant go online anymore.

Trying to do firmware upgrade again results in the firmware upgrade hanging at “resetting device” (even though firmware flashing etc. seems to work) and switching to DIP mode also doesnt work anymore (the tool tells me that the device could not be found)

The hardware ID of the device in device manager is:


I’m lost, it was working perfectly, but after a reboot the device just stopped working :frowning:
Can someone offer help?

Thanks & Best Regards


That’s the output of the firmware updater:

Can someone help here? I am unfortunately unable to use the card now :frowning:

From which FW version to which FW version you are trying to upload?
Also what driver are you using?
If there are more than one driver, there may be chance of driver conflict. Can you check that?
Are you able to see the WWAN port still? For QMI mode AT port will appear as WWAN port…


Hey there, I have tried to flash all kinds of combinations now. previously I was on SWI9200M_3.5-Release8-SWI9200X_03.05.24.00_DIP.exe, everything was working fine, but after a reboot, the device went into the state it is now.

I am not seeing the WWAN port, only the DM port, the QMI/DIP Mode Switcher is also not working.

I also wiped all the drivers from the PC but that didnt help :frowning:

I can try mounting the modem into another laptop and check if that helps


Do you know if your unit was in direct IP (68A3) or QMI (68A2) mode prior to the upgrade. Different one click updaters are supplied depending on the mode the unit is in as they need different upload tools. If you used the QMI upgrader on a directIP configured unit it can cause problems. If the unit is now enumerating with a PID 68A2 as mentioned above it should enumerate correctly if you have the right drivers installed. I would use the latest at the link below.