MC7710 - location sensor in DIP mode missing

I changed modem operation mode from QMI to DIP and noticed that
“location sensor” in Control Panel/Sensors is missing.
It used to be there - i had couple of driver’s version before, in QMI mode.
In Device manager it looks pretty normal:
Sensors / (no location sensor),
Network Adapters : Sierra Wireless HSPA Network Adapter
Modems / Sierra Wireless HSPA Modem
Ports / AT , CNS , DM , NMEA
Modem works fine with Watcher aplication (GSP, WWAN).

Is my driver’s installation broken somehow or location driver is missing in DIP mode ?

OS: Win 7 x64 pro sp1
Driver: Build3795
Watcher: Generic_Build_3830
Firmware: SWI9200X_03.05.24.00ap r5792 carmd-en-10527 2013/05/02 13:35:47

Maciej Malusi

Hi Maciej,

Unfortunately, Location Sensor is not supported in DIP mode/driver.



I have a problem that there is no loation sensor even if I use QMI mode, latest firmware and drivers for Win 8.1 x64.
Devices as follows:
Sierra Wireless Location Sensor - location unknown
Sierra Wireless Mobile Broadband Network Adapter
Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem
Sierra Wireless DM Port
Sierra Wireless NMEA Port

Modem works fine, GPS device is visible for navigation application, but no signal is received.
Internal GPS antenna is conected to GPS connector (middle).

Can anyone help, please.