[MC7700] NMEA port on Windows 10


I was using MC7700 model on Windows 7 and I enjoyed its GPS function.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t find NMEA ports (including DM port) after upgrading Windows 10.
Instead, I found Sierra location sensor but it’s not compatible with my favorite programs (it requires NMEA serial port).
Is there any method to use NMEA serial port function on Windows 10?
My WWAN card is QMI (maybe MBIM in Windows 10) mode.
Also I tried 3rd party driver (GPS reverse driver, turboirc.com/gps7/) but it didn’t work.
Should I give up Windows 10?

Thank you for valuable comments.

unfortunately, I could not test as non availability of win 10…

but is AT!CUSTOM? shows GPSENABLE ?

will check internally for this.


Hi Alex,

Any progress on this? I’m having the same issue. Location sensor via iLocation works fine, but no com/NMEA port to connect to. GPSReverse does return a lock, but it takes it almost 60 seconds to lock on. I’d rather have a correct “Com Port x” from the driver package that I could connect to.

I guess this is another fallout from the MBIM Windows default, making Windows configure the modem for MBIM only and no serial functions.

KiernanV figured out a way to make Windows use one of the MBIM modes with serial ports instead, most likely including NMEA. You could try that: viewtopic.php?f=117&t=8863&start=15#p37212

I was trying to get it to run against an old configuration.ini file. However, using the <generic_driver_filename_here.exe> USBCOMP=8 didn’t work. BUT. I added GPS=1 GPSAUTO=1 and it has now installed the ports correctly. And, the new driver does report the NMEA string for a fix correctly, unlike the bug in the old Win8 driver that wouldn’t show the GPS as locked.