Em7455 GPS access issue


I am running into an issue when trying to access the GPS from the NMEA port with a Windows application.

My apologies if this is not a suitable topic for this forum but I am unsure where else to go.

The EM7455 module has been setup in a Windows 10 tablet with the GPS being enabled by configuring the relevant COM ports.etc. I am able to see the GPS data in either Skylight or with the VisualGPSView application when set to the NMEA port. This has been working fine for testing and the results have been much better than the default Windows location sensor.

We have built a UWP application that relies on the GPS data to function and want to utilise the EM7455’s GPS over the Windows location sensor as the performance is better. When I try to access the NMEA port it is not accessible either by Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication or Windows.Devices.Usb namespaces of UWP. Generating a list of all USB devices is not giving NMEA port a USB class. When trying to find a list based on Vendor ID and Product id, it gives number of devices but further fetching information of devices gives AccessViolationException. Moreover querying modem through Device Manager->Sierra Wireless Modem->Properties->Daignostics->Query Modem, gives “The port attached to modem could not be opened. This may be the result of hardware conflict.”

My thoughts are that there may be some kind of interface issue which is stopping the UWP from accessing the NMEA port.

Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,