EM7455 for GPS (GNSS) Only

I will preface this with an apology that I am an absolute rookie when it comes to this stuff.

I have an EM7455 embeded in a Nuvo 5104VTC running Windows 7. I am trying to use it for GPS position only but am having trouble setting that up.

First off, I am having issues even connecting to the modem using a terminal program like PuTTy or Tera Term. Both COM ports don’t seem to work for me - should I be trying to connect through the DM port or the NMEA port?

Secondly, I do not see any sort of GPS information when using SkyLight, it states “Session in progress, acquiring location …”. Does the GPS antenna need to be connected to the GPS antenna port on the card? Or would the MAIN connector work as well?

I am looking for 3D GPS information, that is location and altitude.

Thanks in advance for any information provided.

You can connect modem port for AT commamd.
Nmea frame will be output in nmea port.
Please have a look here

Thanks for the link above.

I can connect to the COM port but the terminal program (both PuTTy and Tera Term) will not let me type anything. Any suggestions?

Are you connecting modem port?

I did get connection to the modem and am now able to see GPS data in SkyLight. But when I pass that data along to another program (in my case CANape) it only shows a 2D fix while Skylight shows a 3D fix and displays my elevation. Does this have to do with how it reads the NMEA data?

Does it show minimum 4 satellites in nmea frame?