EM7455 GPS Monitor

Hello forum,

I have installed a Sierra Wireless EM7455 module in a Nuvo 5104VTC with Windows 10. LTE and connection to a mobile network works without problems. However, I have a problem with the GPS reception. When I start the Skylight GPS Monitor and click on the “Start Tracking” button, “Session started, acquiring location …” appears. No matter how long I wait, nothing changes. Do I connect with Putty on the NEMA Com Port but I see GPS data.

  1. Why does not the GPS monitor show anything?

I only get data with a passive GPS antenna, but I would like to test an active one as well. Is it correct that I have to turn on the 3V here?

  1. How do I activate the 3V of the modem in conjunction with Windows 10?

Thank you for your answers.

Greetings Thomas


Which SkyLight build you were using?