EM9190 - not detected by Cradlepoint


I do have Cradlepoint R1900 with EM9190 modem - Cradlepoint cannot detect the modem.

When modem is connected to router I can see message “EEPROM_Dock DEBUG Module id :” -in my opinion module is not responding correctly - it looks like it may be FW issue on the EM9190.

Can I use other device (I’m thinking about m2 → usbC board) to force the modem EM card to accept firmware, is there any procedure for this?

Regards Chris

Hi @filemoon
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Basically, Cradlepoint R1900 is the host and has its own working circuit board
Could you please share with me some information as below:

  1. Which FW version that the EM9190 module is running? If not latest, please refer to the following link to get the latest FW then recheck whether the problem is resolved

  2. What operating system is your Cradlepoint R1900 running on?

  3. Have you install driver for your host on Sierra site? If not, please install the driver for your host following the link below:
    For Windows:
    For Linux:
    Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)

  4. EM9190 module ever work with Cradlepoint R1900? Or is this your first time?

  5. Are you using your EM9190 module on a Sierra board or a custom board? Is your EM9190 module still working properly (e.g., detect driver with host, send AT command,…)?

  6. How many EM9190 module do you have? Can you try on another EM9190 module to see if get the same issue?