EM9191 lost USB ports


I have an EM9191 that I have may have disabled the USB interface on. Linux (lsusb), openWRT (dmesg), and Windows (device manager) no longer recognizes it. Is there a recovery method that I can use to regain access to the modem? I am interfacing it via an appropriate USB adapter that was working fine before making changes.
I am not 100% certain what was done to cause it, I only know it was working and now it is no longer recognized.
It has the latest generic PRI and related fw image flashed onto it.

Hi @richey216,

Technically, I can help to troubleshoot about the configuration, AT commandand and something else in case the host receives the device’s port. In this case, I think it’s better to do RMA progress.

Please check your device’s warranty in the following link: Sierra Wireless Inc. - Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)