EM7511 Cannot Connect to the Verizon Network

ok, but what about the Gps apps

How about Skylight GPS Monitor?

ok, but apps for windows 7?

Can you install skylight in win7?

i managed to unpack the appx file now, but the exe is not even launching at all

other users can make it work in win7:

ok, that might be airprime, but win10 has the separate skylight app in the app store.
the airprime does not detect any card tho… i checked that the 5087 0005 driver package is already installed…

what is the

Does your module work with WIN10 with skylight?

well, now i managed to reinstall the drivers somehow and now it actually gives me com ports to use, but what should the baud rate be and which port could be which and what rate for each also?

i ony get this with 115,2k and 9,6k:
Invalid or no response from the device. Please check the modem port and the baud rate.Disconnecting port COMx

ok, now i downloaded that special sierra atcommand app for 7 days or smth, but which commands should i run then.
and it also suggested to connect with some flow control somewhere…

You can use tera term to open the modem port to type AT command

ok i try that, but the sierra at app also gives this error:
No NMEA data found in COMx. Please check the NMEA port…

what speeds should i use tho and what is the DM port?

the tera term app is just blinking, so what do i even do with that…

what port you see in the Modems-> Sierra Wireless WWAN Modem

its 5 and nmea is supposed to be 4 (dm=6), and wwan network adapter is without a port?
and i think that it even detects a sim card, because it said it needs a pin, and when i unplugged the sim, it said something else

then you can use tera term to open COM5

no, its just blinking

tera term is blinking??
never see such thing before…

the white cursor thingie in the window and i cant even press enter or any other key

Seems nothing works on your pc, neither skylight nor modem port…

You might try linux pc