skylight 4166 does not allow gps MS Based setting

The skylight watcher build 4166 does not let me change the gps settings from Standalone to anything else such as MS Based. It is greyed out. Using MC7355 on Windows 7 with AT&T firmware. Tried skylight watcher 4166 64 and 32 bits.

Skylight watcher build 4130 posted on developer zone ALSO does not let me change the GPS fix type to MS Based as it is greyed out. Why is this greyed out?!?

Reverted to Watcher 3974 and it works. In all of these, I was using drivers build 4168 on Win7 x64.

Please fix skylight to allow gps fix type “MS Based” setting. Thanks.

Skylight 4130 from the developer zone does the same. Could someone enlighten me as to what condition causes the dropdown in GPS settings to choose between Autonomous/MS Based/MS Assisted to be greyed out? Is it something in the device, registry or a file? Again, Watcher 3974 does not have this greyed out.

I had similar problem.(“MS-Based/Assisted” options were not greyed out
but after setting them i could not get gpsFIX and Watcher was giving errors).
Problem was narrowed to GPS possitioning modes that are currently supported .
In Terminal mode i entered this:
AT!ENTERCND=“A710” (or AT!ENTERCND=“OEM password” )
AT!GPSPOSMODE? (my return was: MASK: 0x00000001 )
AT!GPSPOSMODE=3F (sets all modes active)

MS-BASED works like charm ,
MS-ASSISTED - gives "Session unsuccessfull " but i guess it’s network depended.

Hope that helps.

Maciej Malusi

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i cant even find any ports with the atcommand app, so how do i get that to test some commands and stuff…