How to programmatically change Location Fix default?

Our sales force has about fifty FZ-G1 Toughbooks using the MC8355. The GPS features are used extensively. The problem is the default Location Fix setting (Autonomous) for the GPS causes excessive delay when the tablets are used in the field. Because the Toughbooks are used in remote areas, they need to use the ‘MS Assisted’ Fix Type instead of ‘Autonomous’.

Is there any way to administratively set the Location Fix default setting to MS Assisted? Can we use an automated process, such as Group Policy on our Windows network, or a Windows registry change, to modify the default Location Fix setting?

I need a way to script or otherwise administratively set the default Location Fix to MS Assisted for all 50 of these tablets so it remains MS Assisted every time the tablet is booted. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

seems more related to windows gps location settings issue… nor mally there should be options for enabling/disabling gps location services … and also to select thetype of location fix… this is windows 8?