EM7430 + Win7 Disconnects

Hello all,

I am having an issue with the EM7430 disconnecting from 4G LTE-A randomly, reconnecting but then windows in unable to communicate to the Internet.

Windows indicates that it has a new IP, gateway etc but I am unable to ping beyond the interface (interface IP address responds).

Enabling and disabling the network interface fails to fix the issue. Flushing the route cache fails to fix the issue.

AT!GSTATUS indicates PS Attached

Issuing a AT!RESET fixes the issue.

Relevant details:

Firmware: SWI9X30C_02.20.03.01 (Telstra)
Drivers: QMI build 4581
OS: Win 7
Skylight: 4442 (Skylight connects and disconnects but there is still no Internet traffic)

Any help would be appreciated,


Just wondering if you made any progress. I’m seeing the same issues on my end.

Dell E7270
Internal Sierra EM7455 / DW5811e
Verizon SIM

Connection works fine for a day or two, then seems to disconnect, and the wireless card isn’t detected, or fails to reconnect.

Thanks in advance!

Hopefully good news. With the latest updates to the dw5811e / EM7455 WWAN cards, a newly available option showed up under Device Manager> Modems> Snapdragon - to disable allowing Windows to power the device off. Good results with the first 10 or so tests in the field.

Who knew? Hopefully it’s a good fix.