EM7305 - Unexpected disconnect on windows 7 32bit

Hi helpers,

I use the EM7305 on a Fujitsu E756 vPro with a Windows 7 32 bit and the last available Sierra EM7305 WWAN drivers. (downloaded and installed today)

Unfortunately after the full system shutdown, when I log in and start the wwan connection this connection disconnect after few seconds (maybe 20 sec.). When I try again everythings works well. The issue appears only for first time when the system was switched off.

I do not use any third party connection manager for connections, I use the Windows 7 build in functionality.

Can someone help, an idea what the problem can it be?

Supplement (03-01-2017): I have found out, that the problem occurs only with 3G / 3G+ (UMTS) and not with LTE connections.

best regards

I had exactly the same Problem under WIN10 32bit and EM7455. :open_mouth:
Unfortunately I got no solution.
I switched to a dedicated router (WRT1900ACS)