EM7305 Disconnect Issue

I have a EM7305 on a Dell Latitude E5550 running windows 7 professional, AT&T is the carrier. This device has worked great since it was installed about 4 months ago. Just over the weekend it began having issues. I have good status to connect to the AT&T profile. I click on connect and it connects and immediately disconnects.

I have contacted AT&T to verify that the IMEI and ICCID numbers are correct for the phone number associated with the laptop and Sierra LTE Card.

I have rebooted numerous times. I have not been able to get this to stay connected. AT&T does not see any issues with the account and then set up. I have no issues with WiFi connectivity when that network is available. I am also able to use my phone and have the same signal strength on the phone that shows within the Sierra Wireless launcher.

Hi ,

Can you please provide the below mentioned details for further analysis:

  1. provide exact steps
  2. Responses to below mentioned AT commands,
  3. Is the observed on any particular network service provider? Have you tried on other SIM(service provider)

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the device is currently inaccessible by me (sales rep is traveling). I will get this information for you next week.

I have not tried another SIM as AT&T is our provider and the card worked fine prior to this past weekend. All of our other cards are working fine.

I uninstalled the Sierra program and reinstalled and it appears to be working now.