EM7511 B43 not available

Hi there,

I have a Panasonic Laptop with an EM7511 module and we want to connect to a B43 LTE system. I’ve updated to the latest generic firmware 22.1 but don’t see B43 available on the AT!band=? list. Is there is a different firmware to allow B43 or a command to add it to the list of available bands?

I’ve tried at!band=09,“B43”,0,0000040000000000 and it gives me OK but doesn’t show B43 on the at!band=? list
I try at!band=09,“B43”,1,0000040000000000 and it gives me an ERROR.

Found this topic EM7565 lost band 42 support with latest FW - #37 by omershomrat
Looks like there is a one-click updater to unlock the bands if it can be passed along to me that’d be great.

Hi @rerickson,

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@mlw Would you be able to pass along the tool?

Hi @jerdung I’ve sent a request to that email and in the support.sierrawireless site. How long does it normally take? Been a couple of days now.