EM7455 not detected - Windows 10

Hopefully someone can help shed some light…Recently purchased the EM7455 module and inserted into HP Elitebook 850 G3, into the available M.2 slot for WWAN module. I also have a working SIM card inserted into the laptop…

Boot shows no such device recognized in device manager or anywhere else. Also did a check in the BIOS and nothing there. I also tried running a couple powershell commands to try and see if I could locate any hardware with device ID of the sierra wireless. module…nothing.

What is the best way to figure out if I have a brick or not? Or is this module just not compatible with the HP laptop for some reason? I’m not a big fan of HP in general…but it’s what the company uses…


Have you gone through “HP Elitebook 850 G3 Service and Maintenance Manual” ? Because I believe it has a specific EM7455 model for that HP Elitebook. I’ve EM7455 module installed on DELL E7270 without any issues. Have you tried install latest Sierra QMI drivers for windows ?. I’ve cross-checked on service and maintenance guide for this model and found as below:

Category Description
Integrated wireless wide area network (WWAN) options by way of wireless module
Two WWAN antennas built into display assembly
Supports the following WWAN formats:●
HP lt4120 LTE/EVDO/HSPA+ SnapdragonT X5 LTE Mobile Broadband Module●
HP hs31110 HSPA + Intel Mobile Broadband Module

Looks like EM7455 is not compatible with this model for “Internal M.2 port”. The suitable module for this model is HP lt4120.