EM7455 no COM-Port


I wanted to send AT Commands to the EM 7455 Module, but I am not able to find out, which COM Port I have to use. The EM7455 is visible in the Device Manager, but not as a Port or Modem, so there is never a Information like “COM12” or similar with it.
My system is Windows 10, Lenovo P51 - latest Updates and Drivers
Does someone has a solution to find them out?

Best regards


Hello Ingo,

some OEM customers such as Lenovo may choose to expose only MBIM interface for the WWAN module and in that case, the WWAN modem will not be installed or exposed in Device Manager.

You will have to contact the Lenovo support for the driver or tool that will expose WWAN modem when AT commands are needed for troubleshooting or debugging purpose.