EM7455 does not show up or have COM port when used in PC

Dear Sierra Wireless forum user,

I have EM7455 card that i bough on eBay. I am using it in Lenovo X230 that have modified BIOS to accept it. I also tried it another PC that does not have any BIOS limitations with same results.

One card is installed, windows 10 finds multiple WAN miniports, about 8, different types. I does not find any broadband modems or com ports.

I tried ubuntu and files from github, tried to activate COM also through Windows USBCOMP=8 and through ubuntu with python scripts but nothing seems to change how modem works.

Can it be that it is pre-set with some different configuration that its not found and work only though those wanports and i cant change it?

I saw its been reported before by some people but never one found a solution.

I would gladly accept any support or suggestions.

Thank You in advance.

See if this is same issue as yours.

Hi :slight_smile:
It is not possible to send any commands since i have no COM port and can not activate it over neither ubuntu or windows.

The EM7455 you bought might have been BIOS locked to other vendor too. It won’t enumerate unless plugged in to the right laptop. The multiple WAN miniport you saw on Windows 10 may have nothing to do with it.

You can find out the VID/PID in Device Manager if the module was enumerated in Windows even with yellow bang. Nothing you can do if the module didn’t enumerate at all.

Didn’t there is a script in the link in ubuntu to activate?