EM7455 Module disappeared from Windows 10

i have a fujitsu Q739 unit. the unit has the EM7455 Snapdragon module. This thing has been back to Fujitsu 4 times for re-imaging. What happened most recently was a windows 10 update broke the WWAN basically Skylight said Mobile Broadband not deteccted. We use an application that require NMEA data. So the unit went back to Fujitsu and they factory imaged the unit again wiping our applicaitons. the Broadband was working. We installed SKylight, still working. What wasnt showing like our units with EM7355 modules was the NMEA port. so Fujitsu said install the latest drivers from their web site, we did now the module shows mobile Broadband not detected in Skylight. I have tried every Sierra wireless WWAN Driver file and nothing shows the module in device Manager under Network Adapters. Can Someone assist.

What is the return of the following?


What do i ise to run those commands

you can see if there is modem port in device manager


Yes but what application do I use to execute these commands

you can use tera term