MC7455 Firmware installation and general problems

Hello everyone,

as this is my first time using such an embedded module and respectively my first time posting here, I’d like to excuse myself if some of the questions are obvious.

So I have the aforementioned MC7455 module and I’d like to connect a GPS antenna to it, however things don’t go that well at the moment.

For a start I have installed the generic drivers, as well as the generic Skylight build. However when I try to also install the generic firmware (release 24) I get the following error:

As a general I can’t get Skylight to recognise my antenna. When I turn on the pc at first something happens and it looks like it finds the antenna, but then, after a minute or so, it loses connection.

(I haven’t posted pictures here, because new users can only upload one per post.)

As I said, I have no experience on the topic, so I have no idea what the possible cause could be or how to solve the issue, so I’d appreciate any help.

Best regards, MN

Nevermind, turned out to be a hardware problem with the module’s socket.