NMEA port issues


I have installed the MC7304 on my in vehicle PC.
When i install the Windows driver package and Skylight i do not see any NMEA ports in my device manager (usually COM7).
The device shows only in modems and as a location sensor.
This prevents proper integration, because my SW communicants through com ports.

I have tried to install 2 different firmware versions and on 2 different computers.
2 months ago it was all working fine but i had to reinstall my OS.

OS Win8 Embedded.
On Skylight i do see satellites and get a fix.


Thank you.

It probably won’t work for you. We’ve been running into a similar issue. Most cellular cards communicate through two or more UART ports. The MC7304 / MC7354 only has one, in Linux is it ttyUSB2 (for Windows it may be a different comport than your COM7, depending on how windows assigns it). Traditionally speaking, one COM port is used for bringing up a network connection and the other is used for AT-commands to send/receive diagnostic and status messages.

The MC7304 uses qmi ports to communicate with instead of COM ports. They’re really pushing to use the QMI SDK packages.