EM7455 Field Test/Engineering Menu


I am trying to determine if there is any way to access Field Test/Engineering Menu either through Windows Skylight Connection Manager or other software to determine LTE frequency band use/ carrier aggregation/etc…

I was reading elsewhere on the internet that pressing ctrl-d would potentially do that, but it is asking for a password and the websites mentioning pressing ctrl-d, do provide a password but it does not work, probably because the websites date back 2013 (latest one).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


You can use AT command terminals like RealTerm, ClearTerm and others to issue at commands regarding the parameters you want like to know LTE frequency band use you can use at!gstatus? command . You can refer to at command guide for more such commands.

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May I ask what the password is for this Skylight program?

I’m asking because I have a customer who is on the fritz between two Verizon towers on his Toughbook (we sold him) and we’re trying to change bands and maybe move it to 3G only instead of 4G LTE.

I understand there is a terminal and commands but that’s way over-complicated. It would be easier to just go here to set these settings.



I too would like to know this. I would like to know what band the modem is on. The throughput speeds are very bad and I suspect it stuck on band 13.