EM7355 Hardware radio OFF

How do I turn it back on? It was working fine.
Running windows 7 on a Panasonic FZ-G1 (mk4) tablet. Latest drivers and firmware for the modem. Skylight utility shows “Mobile Broadband is off”
netsh mbn sh rad int= *

Radio state information for interface Mobile:

Hardware radio state      : Off
Software radio state      : On

Not sure how AT command work so if needed please offer assistance if possible.

Can you try AT+CFUN=1 in modem port?

I’m not sure exactly how to do that. I entered AT+CFUN=1 into the “Extra initialization commands” in the Modem Properties > Advanced tab but no luck. Is that the modem port you are referring to?

Hi, Where actually to type the AT+CFUN=1, i tried in AT command tester for SIERRA, it shows error