MC7305 - No Networks Found in Manual Network Selection Mode!

Hi All,

I am having some issues with an MC7305 WWAN module in a Panasonic Toughbook CF-53.

Recently, the module seems to be having difficulty finding a network when Manual Network Selection Mode is selected under the User Options within Skylight Connection Manager.

When Manual Network Selection Mode is selected, the module attempts to search for available networks for several minutes and then returns “No Network Found”. The module has no apparent issues when in Automatic Mode.

I have updated to the latest version of Skylight, software driver and firmware and still seem to be having the issue.

My primary reason for requiring Manual Network Selection Mode is that I would like to connect using 3G rather than 4G due to greater reliability and a more robust network connection in the geographical region in which I work.

I would appreciate any suggestions on how this issue can be resolved please.

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Shane Taylour,

Hi Shane,
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Are you able to find the option to select technology (3G/4G) in Skylight?
Or are you able to find the modem/AT port in device manage? if yes, you can use AT command (AT!BAND=8) to force 3G only via this AT port.
However, some OEM may disable the option in Skylight or disable the AT port…

Also please refer to previous thread for similar discussion:

Hope it helps.

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Hi lotam,

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Thank you so much for your prompt and immensely helpful response!

I have managed to set my WWAN module to WCDMA 3G with the following commands:-

at!band=02 [WCDMA Only]
at!selrat=01 [UMTS 3G Only]

I am in Australia, so we use the 850 MHz, 900 MHz and 2100 MHz bands for WCDMA 3G. When I ran the at!band=? command only 4 options were available:-

00 - All Bands
01 - WCDMA & GSM
02 - WCDMA Only
03 - LTE Only

I really appreciate your help!

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Thanks Shane.
Good to know it works for you.